Betta Premium Digital Aquarium Heater 50watt


Betta Premium Digital Aquarium Heaters are constructed using high quality materials. They feature a temperature digital display screen, external controller, and a shatterproof quartz glass tube. Also fitted is a new design, built-in guard to protect and stop certain types of fish such as Plecs and Sucking Loach from resting on them and burning themselves. Available in sizes to suit aquariums from 20 litres to 300 litres.

Temperature control switch is fitted externally allowing for adjustment without entering the aquarium.
When the water temperature is lower than the temperature set, the light on the display screen will turn on, indicating that the water is being heated.
The value on the display screen indicates the current water temperature in °c.
Temperature Range: 15°-35°c
Accuracy: ±1°c
New design heater guard increases efficiency and performance.
Built-in thermostat.
Completely submersible.
Cable length: 1.5m.
Double sealed for extra safety.
Voltage: 220-240v.
Suitable for all tropical aquariums and vivariums.
 Built to an advanced design ensuring an even heat output and maintaining constant water temperature inside the aquarium.

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  • Built-in heater guard, perfect for Pleco and Bristlenose Catfish aquariums.
  • Temperature is adjusted from outside of the aquarium.
  • 4 sizes suiting aquariums up to 300 litres
  • Power Aquarium Size
    50w 25-50L
    100w 50-100L
    200w 100-200L
    300w 200-300L


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