ClariSea SK-3000 Gen 3


The Gen3 ClariSea has a number of new features to speed up installation, make it easier to load the fleece, and maintain the unit without having to remove it from the sump or dismantle. The main body now comes fully constructed and glued together, making initial setup of the unit quicker and easier compared with the previous generations.

To aid with periodical cleaning, the guide rollers and splash guard plates can be removed without the need of tools or having to dismantle the unit. The two splash plates are now quick release, using a drop-in slots to make them simple to lift out, even when the unit is installed in a sump. Specially designed thumb screw stub fixings are used to hold the guide rollers, allowing free rotation as the fleece is wound on. This allows easy changing of the fleece without removing the ClariSea from the sump.

The fleece holder has been redesigned to simply drop on to the top of the unit, taking away the need to release or tighten any fixing screws when the roll needs to be removed or replaced. This is especially handy where space is tight or access to the mounting screw would be limited.

All ClariSea Gen 3 units now include a fleece removal tool to help eject the dirty fleece roll from the spool, allowing the dirty roll to be easily pushed off without the need to cut off or unroll the fleece.

Connection to existing aquarium pipework has also been made more versatile with a specially moulded inlet adapter elbow that will fit 32mm metric or 1” Imperial aquarium plumbing as standard or with the use of a 40mm straight connector will also fit directly to 40mm metric pipework.


Play button

Press and hold to manually advance the motor and roll on the fleece.

Alarm button

Press alarm button for 1 – 2 seconds to turn off audible alarm. Alarm condition will still be present with Red LED still flashing. The automatic advance of fleece will be disabled but the play button will still function as manual advance for the fleece.

Pressing the alarm button for 5-7 seconds will fully reset the controller, completely clearing the alarm state and resetting the unit into normal operation mode. Disconnecting power for 30 seconds will also reset the controller and clear the alarm state.


Normal operation

Initialisation (Power on or reset):

  • Blue/Red LED will both flash 5 times, an audible alarm will sound with each flash if the smart controller is reset or powered on.
  • Blue LED will remain on to show that the unit is in normal standby mode.

Motor activation

  • When the motor is activated the blue LED will flash.

Alarm indicators

If the roll cannot advance or the float is activated for more than 5 seconds.

  • Red alarm LED will flash
  • Audible alarm will sound for 2 seconds every 5 seconds
  • Automatic advance of fleece will be disabled until the controller is reset.

If the float is not activated for 8 hours indicating the fleece is possibly empty.

  • Blue/Red LED both flashing, audible alarm will sound for 1 second every 2 seconds
  • Automatic advance of fleece will be disabled until the controller is reset.

If there is a possible installation error and the float is not triggered with 48 hours after initial set-up or reset.

  • Red LED will flash at 10 second intervals the audible alarm will sound with each flash
  • Automatic advance of fleece will be disabled until the controller is reset.
  • please note we do our best to keep these in stock, but we can order then in within 48 hrs

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ClariSea SK-3000 Gen 3


The ClariSea fleece filter is an extremely compact, patented, high efficiency water filtration system, which continuously removes suspended particles such as micro algae, detritus, food, organic waste and gravel dust from the water column. ClariSea is suitable for use in both marine and freshwater aquariums, fish-breeding and coral propagation systems.


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