Along with providing extra essential oxygen, Eheim air aquarium air pumps can be used to do many things in the aquarium. They are extremely quiet and can be used to power such things as under-gravel or sponge filters, decorative air stones, air curtains, and air-operated ornaments. Available in 3 sizes, with outputs of up to 400 litres per hour.Oxygen is important for the biological processes that support fish. It assists in the bacterial degradation of harmful substances such as ammonia and nitrite, helping to create a healthy aquatic environment.

The air pump features continuous ultra-quiet operation and adjustable air flow on the pump. 100LPH Vibration-resistant rubber feet contribute to smooth running. The air pump stays still and does not ‘wander about’. Alternatively, you can hang it vertically on the hook eye.

All 3 models are supplied fully equipped with airline hose, check valves, and Eheim adjustable diffusors. The air diffusors can be easily adjusted to your taste and the requirements of your aquarium.

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