The New Maxspect Jump LED lighting system is Maxspect’s first cloud based product so it can be altered from anywhere in the world at the touch of a button and this neat little unit has some great features.

The Jump LED is designed to cover a footprint of 2 x 2 feet meaning its multiple units for larger tanks.

The unit uses a similar airflow design to the Ethereal with a central fan pulling air from the top and bottom of the fixture and passing this through the body for high efficiency cooling of the LED heat sinks.

Although the unit is only 65w at full power don’t be fooled into believing it doesn’t pack a punch and that’s because it uses Multi Phase Colour Temperature Technology or MPCTT for short.

What is this you ask well each jump LED unit contains 44 x LED this allows the unit to run between 95% and 100% efficiency or 62-65w on each colour temperature you select. When you compare this to the majority of LED units on the market, they can sacrifice up to 40% of their power when changing colour temperature.

The Jump LED also has a built in acclimation mode for your corals and a moonlight setting with automated lunar cycle.

Rate Power 65w
Suit for Tank 30 – 60cm
Dimension 222 × 176 × 32mm

6x Hyper Red
6x Green
6x Blue
6x Warm White
6x Cyan Blue
4x Deep Blue
2x Ultraviolet 390nm
2x Violet 410nm
2x Royal Blue
2x Cool White

Please note if these aren’t in stock in store we can have them ordered in within 24 to 48 hrs


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